Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer's noodlecat is a quick-serve restaurant that brings a fresh-food philosophy and playful edge to its yummy broth bowls of ramen and healthy ingredients. noodlecat’s brand is urban in nature, showing craftsmanship. At the same time, its Tokyo Pop style and globally inspired dishes set the fun fast food apart from typical grab-and-go restaurants. noodlecat wanted to connect its brand to the interior and exterior design at its Crocker Park location in Westlake, Ohio, so guests could fully experience the noodlecat vibe.

A garage door façade opens the compact interior to the outdoors. Carrying interior design elements to the outdoors provides a seamless flow and welcomes guests who are walking by. This was accomplished by using a combination of warm wood and sleek tile on the exterior and interior. The design introduces a lively yellow color on a treated exterior panel, and throughout the inside as a pop-style accent to natural wood, which is the same color as noodlecat’s broth.

The iconic Noodlecat logo on the exterior celebrates the noodles, and this noodle aesthetic is carried out inside with acoustic cylinders mimicking noodles, which control sound, provide lighting and add drama to the space. Let the noodles have fun! Chef Sawyer's spirited, fresh-focused approach to cooking is showcased with the open kitchen that allows guests to eat with their eyes as they order and watch food being prepared. With the open floor plan energy from the kitchen carries into the dining space and out to the exterior.

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Photography: John Spaulding Photography

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