A crowded kitchen and forgotten dining space in this traditional Lakewood home was structurally and aesthetically reconfigured to accommodate the lifestyle of a modern family that wanted a space for cooking, working, socializing - "congregating without feeling congested".

Creating Open Space

Collaborating alongside the architectural team at Modern Smart Homes, the first priority was to remove a wall that closed off the dining room. the first priority was to remove a wall that closed off the dining room. That way, the dining could be integrated into the kitchen. Additionally, a back door was relocated to reroute traffic, improving the flow in, out and through the space. Reconstructing the footprint allows for a functional, efficient cooking space in the kitchen. When reconfiguring the area, a critical decision point centered on whether or not to remove a window that was positioned above the existing sink (which was moved and replaced with the range). Rather than preserve the insignificant view, that wall was enclosed and a new, high window placed on the adjacent wall above cabinetry to allow natural light to flood into the space.

A Functional Centerpiece

A generous island grounds the kitchen/dining space. Its white quartz surface includes oversized walnut drawers, built-in storage shelves, and seating that tucks neatly into the unit for a clean line. A slim, horizontal light fixture emphasizes the island’s length and draws the eye to an adjacent open dining room, where furnishings maintain a modern, crisp aesthetic. The island serves as a purposeful focal point - "and a practical divider between cooking and entertainment areas. Functional areas such as a coffee station and bar are appealing visually, yet concealed when not in use.

Blending Modern with Classic

A neutral color palette incorporates shades of gray into the design. Mixing wood materials and ushering in natural light results in a warm, welcoming modern aesthetic. Overall, the look and feel of this redesigned and redeveloped kitchen/dining room space juxtaposes the home’s traditional elements, creating an impactful area within the envelope of a historic residence.

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Photography by: Scott Pease Photography

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