The Great Lakes Brewing Company brand is a part of Cleveland modern heritage. And, GLBC connects us to our history as a city of makers, including brewers. Over the years, GLBC has collected artifacts that tell its brand story, and initially the company was looking for a way to curate these items. Richardson Design created a concept that resonated so well with GLBC that it decided to transform its upstairs room into a space that honors and salutes the GLBC brand. It’s called The Rockefeller Room.

Showcasing the Brand and History
The Rockefeller Room upstairs at GLBC was designed to include a bar that can be utilized for private events. All interior design is a nod to the brand’s legacy and enhances the history of the Ohio City building. Importantly, this room increases usable space and revenue for GLBC.

We didn’t have to go far to source materials to make a wooden wall—made from bourbon barrel lids used for producing GLBC’s barrel-aged Blackout Stout. Tables and the bar top are created from wood reclaimed from the floor of an old Cleveland building. Old church benches were converted into booths. All of this lends a historic attitude to the space, consistent with the rest of the establishment.

Meanwhile, the interior color palette reflects the brand and products. Booths are outfitted with upholstery that showcases various GLBC labels. We also selected period-specific lighting, fixtures, furnishings and finishes that align with the old building’s style.

Celebrating What Was—and What Will Be
Guests can experience GLBC in a spirited way that honors the brand and pays tribute to its history. The Rockefeller Room provides a special opportunity for GLBC to display its artifacts, celebrate its products, and entertain guests who appreciate the presentation and enjoy partaking in the brand’s past and present.

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