Refined yet inviting, modern yet warm. Partnering with the team at Modern Smart Homes, this residence invites the wooded outdoors in, with walls of thoughtfully placed windows and architectural elements that extend directly to the natural surroundings. From clean-line finishes to carefully curated furnishings, every detail in the home was intentionally selected. Everything has a place. The owners were inspired to create a living environment that is practical and harmonious.

This family home had to be livable and functional while capturing the refined taste and strong visual eye of the owners. The pristine kitchen with clean, white quartz counters is warmed by rift cut white oak cabinets. Linear hardware complements the space, and all cabinetry was specifically planned to house all appliances and kitchenware. A peninsula serves to separate the kitchen and living areas. To establish this feature as a focal point, we integrated a wood countertop with a live edge; an organic contrast to the kitchen that culminates with stonework in the living space and brings in the warmth of nature. The owner worked with Rustbelt Reclamation to source the wood and fabricate this piece, and during the process, they found an elm tree from Cleveland that had fallen in a storm. The same tree was also utilized for their dining room table.

Living In the Open

Flowing into the living space, furniture was selected to provide a gathering zone for entertaining and casual time with family. Two custom chaise lounges positioned facing a mounted flat screen, provide a perfect seating environment for the couple to relax together. The television is mounted to a band of ebony-stained wood on natural stone, so when off, it disappears into the backdrop and blends with wall space, lending a sense of restfulness.

Every room in the house has a view, from the bedroom that cantilevers over the site to the living room with windows that wash the space in natural light. The master bathroom with a corner window and freestanding bath offers breathtaking views and an open, multi-headed shower space that gives the feeling of an outdoor shower.

As with the kitchen, bathroom cabinetry and storage was mindfully planned to house the owners’ belongings, keeping surfaces completely clean, which contributes to an overall feeling of tranquility and simplicity.

Meaningful Touch Points

The client’s and design team’s clear vision for the project, not to mention the site, all played an integral role in the success of the end result. The home integrates the client’s passion for design and integrates meaningful touch points that trigger emotion. The design lets nature in and connects its owners to the space.

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Photography by: Scott Pease Photography

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