Paladar Restaurant Group, owners of six Paladar Latin Kitchen locations, noticed something unique about it’s namesake restaurant; the bar experience was taking on a life of it’s own. Loud and lively happy hours featuring taco and rum specials, were becoming so popular that the ownership team decided to build upon it’s success and create a second restaurant concept. Thus BOMBA Tacos and Rum was born. To avoid competition with it’s flagship brand, BOMBA developed a format and location strategy suited for a smaller footprint; urban locations with a ‘build your own’ taco concept featuring a unique flavor profile. With an over saturation of traditional Mexican inspired taquerias, BOMBA needed to be different. Taking inspiration from Caribbean and Cuban ingredients, BOMBA’s food is fresh and flavorful, and their rum list extensive.

This celebration of rum and Latin culture differentiates BOMBA from other establishments. No more old, stale taqueria. This concept is smart, adventurous, exotic and sultry; a vivid backdrop for a different kind of taco bar venue. The energetic attitude of the Bomba dance serves as the bass line for the guest experience. The goal was to design a concept that ignites a contagious spirit, emulates a vibrant Cuban life-on-the-street moment, and invites guests to enjoy hospitality, flavor and fun.

To ‘Live Loud’ at BOMBA means gathering like family through spirited conversation and generous hospitality. BOMBA’s dining space is active yet intimate, with design cues allowing guests to travel to a dynamic culture. The dining room features a combination of communal tables and intimate booths offering a variety of seating options.

Full-length doors usher in fresh air and infuse a free-flowing feel into the space. Additional details include wood cabinetry adorned with cigar boxes, brass accents, and copper-tone lighting like that found in rum distilleries, as well as paneled walls fabricated from furniture scraps, and intimate seating upholstered in teal and fuchsia. Large-scale artwork shines in this open concept, and a vibrant, yellow paneled wall anchors the ‘Live Loud’ message. To create a sense of balance, the design team applied the consistent color palette of teal, yellow, fuchsia, and charcoal throughout the space. Color applied on textured walls adds richness and depth, reminiscent of an architecturally ornate Cuban street with crowds of locals dressed in bright clothing.

The design team broke down the traditional barrier between entry and hostess in order to create a warm, hospitable first impression for guests; exactly how a Cuban family might openly welcome in visitors and friends. Finally, the expansive rum display over the bar and the magenta infused bar face, exude the energy guests crave in their dining experience. Ultimately, BOMBA embodies the Latin passion for life and for living in the moment.

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Photography: John Spaulding Photography

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