Richardson Design was tasked with envisioning a brand that captures the owners’ hospitable nature and focuses on their proud Lebanese heritage. When it comes to guest service, the Boaz staff takes great pride in getting to know their customers and are encouraged to treat each guest as through they are friends of the family. To support this critical aspect of the brand, it was important that the design of the food service area evolve beyond the typical ‘assembly line’ counter. Providing opportunities for staff and guests to interact in a manner that is more relational than transactional, the service counter was intentionally designed to allow the ability of team members to step out from the back of house in order to welcome a guest, hug a friend, or help a young family get settled in the dining room.

The interior space is light and airy, and quite unexpected from a typical Mediterranean brand. The design team focused on choosing materials that present modern interpretations of traditional Lebanese touches by the layering of wood, tile, terrazzo and various other textures that add a sense of warmth. The use of the vibrant, yellow zest brand color in tandem with rich sumac, empowering green, as well as warm white hues were inspired by the colorful spices and natural ingredients of Lebanese cuisine. The larger than life scaled wall covering, inspired by traditional mosaic patterns, anchors the dining room and gives the restaurant a vibrant energy and youthful feeling.

A variety of seating options allow dining room guests every option to gather, from large study groups to solo diners. For students and locals looking for a place to spread out and work, the addition of fixed lighting above the custom fabricated communal tables, as well as integrated charging ports, allows patrons to slow down and seamlessly work while enjoying a meal or an afternoon smoothie.

The Boaz brand, inspired by the streets of Beirut, takes it’s queues from the hustle and bustle of the city’s thriving commercial districts. A juxtaposition of modern simplicity meets organic liveliness, the Boaz brand mark evokes the energetic, hand lettered typography found throughout the city’s various neighborhoods. The supporting iconography is inspired by Middle Eastern architecture and the Madonna Lily, a wildflower native to the region.

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Photography: David Berlekamp Photography

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