Pittsburgh Int'l Airport, Washington Dulles Int'l Airport + Cleveland Hopkins Int'l Airport

Combine a gritty New York City saloon with a delectable French Brasserie—a raucously informal dive with a historic café. That’s the aesthetic at Bar Symon, which blends a Midwestern American bar feel with that of a venerable brewery that’s all Symon, with a side of industrial edge. The goal of Bar Symon was to create a concept that would stand alone, and could later expand into a range of building formats—from full-service restaurants to airport and stadium venues.

Kitchen-Tap House Flavor Putting a Symon stamp on the kitchen-tap house involved cutting rich, historic architectural details with a steel edge. Interior design includes faux tin drop ceilings, stained concrete floors, and vintage etched mirrors. Oil-rubbed steel paneling and casement-style factory windows speak to Symon’s raw, steampunk-inspired style.

Inside Bar Symon there’s a sense of establishment. That is accomplished with reclaimed timber framing, upcycled bowling alley table tops, and an open ceiling with floating timber coffers. To cap it off, the Richardson team handcrafted a statement piece evoking motorcycle saddle bags made of black leather cushions strapped to the wall with old belts.

Rolling Out the Concept
With a distinct Bar Symon stamp in place at the restaurant, the brand extended into Quicken Loans Arena in partnership with Aramark, and into airports as a 100-seat casual venue called Bar Symon Kitchen + Tap House. At Pittsburgh International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, materials were refined to function effectively with airport traffic while providing a casual, comfortable venue for travelers. It was awarded Best Airport Design by Airport Revenue News in 2014.

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