When host of ABC’s The Chew, and Cleveland restaurateur Michael Symon began conceptualizing his popular B Spot restaurant, he had a definitive direction in mind. He wanted an old-school biker chic establishment—to the extent of suspending a motorcycle and displaying a vintage beer can collection. Richardson was inspired by Symon’s contagious enthusiasm for the project, and the team was gladly challenged by the logistics of executing Symon’s vision.

Handcrafted Biker Chic
The vintage beer can collection and suspended motorcycle were two key focal points of the B Spot concept, and both required custom design and crafty sourcing to complete. Not to mention, a team of experienced designers to actually build the unique sculptural accents that would be the centerpiece of the 90-seat B Spot venue at Eton Collection, located in Woodmere, an eastern Cleveland suburb.

It was important to create these features while avoiding gimmicky, theme-restaurant feel. So, during the conceptual phase Richardson designers began sketching ideas incorporating the restaurant’s “B” logo popping out from a subtle background of beer cans. The focal wall in the restaurant would be the canvas for this display, which had to be far more stylistic than simply lining up beer cans.

Richardson discovered 1,750 vintage beer cans were necessary to complete the design. These were procured from Symon’s Operations Manager, Sam Lindsley, along with lots of eBay bidding. Installation of the wall required hours of manpower and two cases of Liquid Nails to secure the cans.

Meanwhile, Richardson was to create a “model” floating motorcycle using deconstructed Harley Davidson components. They were arranged and suspended, as if the pieces came in a model kit. Paul Hadley at Classic Metal Studio in Bedford Heights, Ohio, helped successfully complete the finished piece, which blends pendant lighting into the design.

Expanding the B Spot Concept
Richardson orchestrated the original B Spot design, which was rolled out in various locations. B Spot ultimately moved from a restaurant concept into a venue at stadiums, arenas and casinos. Over the years, Richardson has tweaked the concept to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

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