Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ

Angeline is Michael Symon’s ode to classic Italian food, inspired by his mother and her family recipes. It’s a celebration of the authentic, Sicilian meals that The Chew co-host grew up with and learned to prepare over the years. Angeline is a notable addition to Symon’s portfolio of restaurants as his first East Coast full dining experience, located inside of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, N.J.

Having worked extensively with Symon on interior design and branding for his other restaurants (including B Spot and Mabel’s BBQ), our graphic design division was brought on board by Michael and Liz Symon to create the Angeline brand essence, design its menu and other in-venue graphic assets, standardize the brand guidelines, and develop the creative direction for a comprehensive campaign including print and billboard advertisements.

The restaurant was named for Michael’s mother, Angel, and the classically inspired logo was derived from her signature which served as the starting point for the development of the mark. With interior renderings in hand and specifications for the restaurant’s color palette, finishes and patterns established, our graphic designers set out to create a brand mark that both captured Angel’s personality and aligned with the interior’s appearance and ambiance.

The Making of a Menu
The Angeline menu is more than a list of food and wine—its contents tell a story. The thoughtfully selected dishes Symon presents are a taste of his personal history and his passion for food, family and hospitality. Guests who are presented with the Angeline menu should feel as if they are receiving a special invitation to experience the soul of the chef. The menu also needed to serve as an act in the overall play of dining at Angeline, which is a feeling of nostalgia, craft and quality.

High-end creative for menu design included applying Angeline graphics and typography, layout and production. Patterns on the menu design were inspired by interior details and finishes. Our graphics division created the Angeline logo, which is a traditional script with a sense of establishment, as if the restaurant had been there for generations.

The brand guidelines provide direction for how to represent Angeline in any format and were critical for ensuring consistency across all of Angeline’s branded materials and served as a foundation for creating a portfolio of graphic design assets for Symon’s new restaurant. The brand also came to life through signage such as Angeline’s neon sign and window graphics.

Creating a Full Graphic Design Campaign
A comprehensive graphics campaign evolved from the brand guidelines and included billboard advertisements specifically, one for a 50-foot wide billboard located outside of New York City’s Lincoln tunnel. The campaign also involved print advertisements, including full-page ads appearing in Food & Wine and Esquire.

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