Kristie Oldham - Designing For a Purpose

Staff Spotlight, July 24, 2019 Kristie Oldham - Designing For a Purpose

For Partner + Design and Trend Director, Kristie Oldham, commercial interior design is not about designing for design’s sake. She’s designing for a purpose.

Oldham’s goal with interior design is to look at a project holistically. “From the flow of a space, to what our clients are trying to create as a brand, it comes back to true, thoughtful and intentional design. At the end of the day, we’re creating something that works for a client to reach their goals and objectives. Whether it’s a start-up or a well-established company, it’s about bringing our passions together to help them create the right brand experience that supports their growth opportunities.”

Understanding the unique needs of each business and different industries, Oldham says it’s important to understand how people will experience a space and connect to a space. An interior designer can solve that problem in an aesthetic way that doesn’t just look beautiful, but it also functions.

Oldham explains, “We (at Richardson Design) are running design differently. Clients are hiring us because we have the unique ability to create a desired experience. We help them clarify their brand story and customer experience before we even start a plan. This planned experience drives and informs the architectural design. As consumers have become more brand savvy, clients today need their brand to live in their physical spaces to be successful.”

Inspiration is everywhere for Oldham, and it’s not something that she can turn off at the end of the day. “Color really inspires me and being a member of the Color Marketing Group, I get to collaborate with others in this industry on the trends impacting the design worldwide.” She travels extensively for her work and loves having an opportunity to explore and observe all the different textures, patterns and sensory experiences within the city she is visiting. “Inspiration can come from just walking around a city during the ‘golden hour’ to see how the sunlight can showcase the design details or color of a building. It gets me energized and I’m always seeing things that I can bring back to client projects.”

Oldham is an NCIDQ-certified interior designer and a fierce advocate for design. “One of my career-long missions is to educate the public about what interior design really is. I’m passionate about the profession - how it’s grown and evolved and the importance of mentoring young designers. As the public understands more about what we do, they see the added value it brings to their lives and businesses.”

“What excites me most about our projects is listening to our clients share their passion and visions for their brand; I can’t help but see all the ways that we can make them a reality. I absolutely love what I do.”

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