Kira is best known for her superb rendering skills, but her role continues to expand as she also supports the growth of our trend forecasting services. She’s got an eye for detail, and is always curating on-mark trends so our team can incorporate the latest inspirations into our designs. As our materials guru, she serves as a liaison between the studio and the manufacturers’ representatives. Because of the way she nurtures those relationships, we gain access to the hottest products available on the market.

As a designer, Kira is present throughout the completion of the project to listen, learn, and implement elements of design. She works with the team to develop and construct the vision. Because she is ingrained in cultural trends and influenced by global ideas, her designs are always fresh and upbeat.

Previous Work:
Art Style Design Studio, Cleveland, OH
Vocon, Cleveland, OH

Education: Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA, Interior Design
Era of Inspiration: I draw my inspiration from the variety of cultures and styles that come together to express a universal language of creativity and design.
Dream Destination: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”—Susan Sontag

Inspire Loyalty

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