Kayla brings projects to life through her renderings and concept sketches. She relishes in developing elegant and functional solutions that balance space and culture, and she finds new ways for people to interact with environments.

Kayla is fueled by being a part of the design process—working with extremely creative, passionate individuals who share a common goal based on solid research and planning.

She appreciates all of the research, mood imagery and planning that goes into the design process, and how that is translated into the sketches and renderings to help convey a story. She revels in the entire process, breathing life into each project and nurturing it to completion. She’s involved every step of the way.

Previous Work:
WD Partners, Columbus, OH

Education: Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA, Interior Design
Dream Destination: Dubai because of its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and underwater hotels.
Dream Design Project: Designing and developing livable space pods and communities on planets like Mars.
Era of Inspiration: The 1950s during the mid-century modern movement. There’s something beautiful and timeless about the architecture and product designs produced then.

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