For Elise, the thought that a space has no limit and can be designed a million different ways is the challenge and uniqueness she loves about interior design. Her approach to design first focuses on the end-user. Being observant and a good listener allows Elise to hone in on the user’s needs and wants in a space. She enjoys researching connected history, human behavior, and adding in hints of biophilic design elements (even if it is a pattern or natural daylighting within a space).

Travel and nature are two things that inspire Elise. “I am easily inspired by the little things: the woven texture of a fabric or the pattern on a tree leaf. Traveling often puts you out of your element and exposes you to other lifestyles, designs, food, and climates. It is always refreshing to see what else is going on in different parts of the world and how different regions function day to day. Most of the time, I go for a walk in different cities and just look up and see thoughtful design details most people miss while driving around”.

Previous Work:

LDA Architects, Cleveland, OH

Education: Kent State University, BA, Interior Design with a minor in Marketing
Dream Destination: Croatia, France, Germany (to see where my grandparents grew up)
Secret Talent: I always make my food look photogenic, even if it's 5 simple ingredients, it's all about the garnish and presentation!
Secret Obsession: Plants
Hobbies: Gardening, crafts, hiking, concerts
Inspiration: I am inspired by any historic character and crafting detail

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