Growing up as a “bit of an artist,” Ally has always enjoyed expressing themselves through non-verbal means. Art was their mode of expression, and the way they centered themselves. Wanting to bring that same mindset into their professional life in a more structured manner, they found Graphic Design.

Ally finds herself inspired by the creativity of others. Digesting the approaches and techniques provides a “better appreciation of their creations”. Her approach to design is fostered by a strong mentality to look for multiple solutions to a design problem, not just one.

Their biggest lesson to date? “We are all fighting our own battles, and it’s useless to compare yourself to others, even a previous version of yourself. Circumstances change, we struggle, we adapt, we thrive.

Previous Work:
Kent State University’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion, Kent, OH
Bialosky Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Education: Kent State University, BFA, Visual Communication Design, Minor in Architectural Studies

Dream Destination: “Northern Europe. I’ve always had a fascination with the geological features found there and given my love for the outdoors, would spend my days exploring.”

Secret Talent: Illustration, “(it) frees my mind”.

Era of Inspiration: ”The Surrealist Period of Fine Art. The immense variety and creativity of surreal artworks allow the mind to escape purely rational thought of our everyday lives”.

Inspire Loyalty

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