Layers of research and rich detail back what you see. Design is storytelling, he says, and design demands constant development. That’s why Alex challenges himself to stay on the edge of design—to listen, sharpen his expertise, experiment. If a project seems impossible, it could very well be his favorite. A rewarding challenge for Alex is when he can use creativity and strategy to stage a win for clients.

Persistent and patient, Alex is your brand advocate for life. He can master those high-profile complex projects, and he takes on last-minute requests with enthusiasm. Every project matters. And a dream project? Those are when clients are just as excited about the process.

Out in the world, Alex is always using his graphic design eye to find solutions. Maybe it’s a package, billboard or bulletin board flyer. He’ll find himself asking: Why does this work, or not work? How did it solve a problem? Is this a trend?

Previous Work:
Pilot Studio, Boston, MA
Under Armour, Baltimore, MD
Reebok, Canton, MA

Education: University of Cincinnati, BS, Graphic Design
Dream Destination: Nepal—or Cincinnati, Ohio
Biggest Design Lesson to Date: Spend time on strategy, research, planning and preparation. The design will be better. Strong art direction and concept development in the beginning makes for successful execution in the end.
Era of Inspiration: 2014...don’t ask.

Inspire Loyalty

Ultimately, that’s the result of an impactful brand strategy. Our studio’s talent addresses all of your design needs, with expertise in the areas of interior design, graphic design, brand strategy and trend forecasting.

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