She treats clients’ design challenges as her own and asks lots of questions. This passion and info gathering informs Mary’s designs, which she describes as conceptual, colorful, textured, balanced and clean. You might find Mary sketching as she brainstorms. This guides her to visual solutions that have a great story. In every case, you’ll notice that Mary communicates openly and invites collaboration, discussion and feedback. She’s a tireless supporter of our clients’ goals, a champion of getting to the root of their vision. It’s a tall order. Mary fully engages clients and unifies a team during the creative process.

Perhaps her appreciation of craft in every sense is what makes her work stand out. We love her fire for moving companies forward and improve their look through clever marketing and strong visuals.

Previous Work:
WhiteSpace Creative, Akron, OH

Education: The University of Akron, BFA, Graphic Design
Dream Destination: New Zealand or Ireland during rugby playoffs/World Cup
Biggest Design Lesson to Date: Always ask questions. Get as much information up front as possible.
Dream Design Project: Branding and opening a rugby-themed brewery that serves craft pizza and donuts.
Era of Inspiration: Today!

Inspire Loyalty

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